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Thread: Record automaticaly live stream

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    Default Record automaticaly live stream

    Dear All,

    I'm currently using the live stream application.

    I would like to automaticaly record all live stream played with this application in a specific directory?

    How can i add a "<Stream Type>live-record" in my Application.xml in the live directory?

    Best regards

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    You simply add a live application, by following these instructions (1 to 4), but instead
    of using
    use this:
    By default all streams sent to the application are recorded from start to finish.
    Recorded files are written too the content folder.
    You can change the file location for recorded file by changing:
    to the location you want.

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    Thank you for your answer.

    It was so simple....

    is it possible to obtain the same result by creating a new output stream with the transcoder to a file?

    Best regards


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    If you configure the Transcoder AddOn in that same application, then any resulting streams produced by the Transcoder will also be recorded.


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