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    I know this has been on the forum a few times but has there been any luck with rtmp authentication in the latest stream or live 1.9? do I still need to use ModuleSecureURLParams. The reason I ask before I go down this road, does ModuleSecureURLParams work in 4? I have never been able to get a stream live 1.9 or 1.8 to work with rtmp authentication.

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    I am not sure the encoder you are referring to however if it didnt work correctly in the 3.6 then I doubt 4 will be any different.

    We are looking at the URLParams at the moment as it is not currently supported in the UI, when I have more information I will update you.


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    Thanks Andrew, I don't think its necessary for me to have it as a feature in the UI, just as long as ModuleSecureURLParams is still supported by 4. the encoder is a streamz live.

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