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Thread: Incoming Stream Security on Wowza Streaming Engine 4

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    Default Incoming Stream Security on Wowza Streaming Engine 4

    I upgraded to Wowza Streaming Engine 4. I tested an application, and I had some questions about security.

    I setup a Publisher name and password in the Streaming Engine Manager with the same name as my application that I setup. Additionally, I setup another Publisher name and password with a different name. I was able to stream on the same application with both Publisher names.
    How can I set this to only allow Publisher 8132 to stream to Application 8132?

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    It is possible to set a custom publish username and password, per-application, using a custom mapped publish.password file, however, at this time the setup will need to be configured manually using XML. Take a look at step 3 in this article, which describes the steps:

    How to enable username/password authentication for RTMP and RTSP publishing (ModuleRTMPAuthenticate)

    You will not be able to access or maintain the per-application publisher username and password in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager, however, proceeding with a manual configuration will not cause any operational issues.

    I would expect that this feature is under consideration for a later release of WSEM. To be sure, I will run this by our product management team for review.

    Please let us know if you need more help with this issue.


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    For Wowza Streaming Engine, there is a new custom property for configuring custom password files per application. Please see for details.


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