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Thread: removeApplication(String sName); call removed in VHost. How to do it now ?

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    Default removeApplication(String sName); call removed in VHost. How to do it now ?

    My AddOn supported CRUID operation since wowza 2.x and after wowza 4.0 it stop working. after investigation I found that removeApplication(String sName); not implemented
    After read Wowza 4.0 release notes I found it's really removed

    Removed Server and VHost API that were old and may have caused confusion

    boolean createApplication(String sName, String sStreamType, String sContentLoc);
    boolean removeApplication(String sName);
    String readVHostConfig(String sName);
    boolean writeVHostConfig(String sName, String data);

    Previously I remove applications using this call and it did the job. Wowza forget about this application immediately. Now I tried to stop application using application.shutdown(false);
    and clean applications/appname and conf/appname directories. Even so dirictories are clean wowza still play video for this application.
    What can I do to add CRUID for Wowza 4? I don't know what problem may caused the function but now I really have a big problem as my clients drop my line

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    You need to iterate through the applicaiton for app instances, get clients - RTMP/HTTP/RTP disconnect them and then shutdown the application.

    The removeApplication was removed as it was incomplete as an implementation and also documentation.


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