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Thread: Flowplayer + Wowza Disconnecting clients

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    Lightbulb Flowplayer + Wowza Disconnecting clients

    I got flowplayer as client player , If the connection slows down a bit for the client side, the player disconnect.the client must refresh page to continue the live event show.
    Anyway to tell the server to not disconnect ? is that the reason why client has to refresh ? any ideas why this is happening ?
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    If this is due to low bandwidth on the client side you could try using adaptive bitrate streaming which could resolve this issue. When the client doesn't have enough bandwidth the client can choose a lower bitrate rendition.
    Please see the How to do adaptive bitrate streaming article.

    The Wowza transcoder can create multiple renditions of a stream which are all keyframe aligned.
    How to set up and run Wowza Transcoder AddOn for live streaming

    We have a Flowplayer article which may be helpful to you.
    How to use Flowplayer with Wowza Media Server


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