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Thread: Port 8088 is not listening

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    Default Port 8088 is not listening

    I tried to go to http://[wowza-ip-address]:8088/enginemanager (with the ip address changed, of course) but I'm getting a "cannot connect" from Chrome.

    The default test screen that comes up when I start the server comes up fine and plays the video.
    When I go to I get "Wowza Media Server 3 Developer Edition (Expires: Aug 14, 2014) 3.6.4 build9641", which appears to indicate that the server is running fine.
    But when I do a netstat -a, it doesn't show that 8088 is listening, which appears to explain why I can't get to port 8088.

    Since NOTHING is ever easy, this doesn't surprise me. Any suggestions?

    Also, I just installed this a few days ago under a developer license. Did I miss version 4 by a few days? I have version 3.6.4.

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    Hi, the engine manager is new to Wowza 4.0 so not available in 3.6.4
    Wowza 4.0 was released on February 11.


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    Thanks. It's funny how those two things intersected. The documentation link for the old version leads to the new version.

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