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Thread: ID3 tags injection -> cupertino Live-Stream

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    Default ID3 tags injection -> cupertino Live-Stream

    Hi Wowza experts,

    I'm using following Module to inject a Live-Stream with cuepoints every 800ms (TimeCode information)..
    package ch.adiacom.wms.module;
    import com.wowza.wms.amf.AMFDataItem;
    import com.wowza.wms.amf.AMFDataMixedArray;
    import com.wowza.wms.amf.AMFDataObj;
    import com.wowza.wms.application.*;
    import com.wowza.wms.module.*;
    import java.util.Date;
    import java.util.Timer;
    import java.util.TimerTask;
    public class ModuleTimecodeInjector2 extends ModuleBase {
    	public Timer timer;
    	public IApplicationInstance app;
    	private int InjectInterval = 800;
    	public AMFDataObj timeObj;
    	public void onAppStart(IApplicationInstance appInstance) {
    		app = appInstance;
    		timeObj = new AMFDataObj();
    		timer = new Timer();
    		timer.schedule(new injectStreams(), InjectInterval, InjectInterval);
    	public void onAppStop(IApplicationInstance appInstance) {
    	class injectStreams extends TimerTask{
    		public void run() { 
    			IMediaStream vidStream = app.getStreams().getStream("video");
    			if (vidStream != null){
    	public void injectEvent(IMediaStream stream) {
    		AMFDataMixedArray data = new AMFDataMixedArray();
    		data.put("time", new AMFDataItem(new Date().getTime()));
    		stream.sendDirect("onTC", data);
    Now i want to have this 'cuepoints' also on a HLS Live-Stream (m3u8).. I've read, that this is possible with ID3 Tags. Is it possible to extend this module, to get this ID3 tags in the HLS-Live Stream? and what are the stepps to do so?..

    Thanks for your support

    kind regards

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    You can use this tutorial


    If you look through the code it is looking for

    				if (!metaDataStr.equalsIgnoreCase("onTextData"))
    You need to change this to

    				if (!metaDataStr.equalsIgnoreCase("onTC"))
    You can then debug if it is working with the following tutorial



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