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    Default MPEG-TS publishing

    I'm using latest 4.0.0 wowza engine and I've received 3 streams by rtmp push to my wowza server: stream1.sdp, stream2.sdp, stream3.sdp

    Everything works fine (HLS, HDS, etc) except I can't restream them to MPEG-TS multicast or unicast.

    What I did:
    in conf/PushPublishMap.txt I've added such string:

    stream1.sdp={profile:"mpegts", streamName:"stream1MPEGTS", host:"", port:1234, rtpWrap:false, debugLog:true, debugPackets:true}
    As I understand It's all what I need to do but nothing works.

    What is my mistake? I've tried stream1 (without sdp), in quotes, host:"", but nothing works.

    Thank you!
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    Although there's no installation of push publishing required, the module configuration steps are still necessary, but done through the UI.
    Take a quick look at the PushPublishing article, which was updated for version 4.0.
    The UI configuration steps required to add in the PushPublishing module are at the beginning.
    Go through those steps and see if this works for you.


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