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Thread: iOS live streaming disconnects right away other devices are fine

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    Default iOS live streaming disconnects right away other devices are fine

    We have a new issue on our 3.6.4 build of Wowza.

    Live stream playback is not working in iOS while the streams work just fine on the website for other devices and desktops.

    We have 19 channels but only half don't work. We have two identical sever builds on linux and the channels on one server work with iOS just fine also.

    It was working until a few days ago. Initially a wowza services restart fixed the issue and a stream reset on our edge EC2 servers.

    However now no resets or reboots are solving the issue. We have tried rebooting encoder and all servers in our work flow.

    We have compared server configurations and both are identical so far with one working and the other not.

    There are two errors when i say they are not working.

    In one case the channel will play for a few seconds of cached media and then display a "could not play movie" error.
    In the other cases the channel will never load and display " this operation could not be performed"

    Again it was all working a few days ago. We have seen some growth over the last week. We cant think of anything that would trigger this outage.

    Anyone with ideas?

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    Can you describe the stream settings?
    1: Video and Audio codec?
    2: Frame Rate
    3: Bitrate
    4: Keyframe interval(GOP length)

    For iOS devices, video should be H264, audio should be ACC. If mp3 then the settings should be 44100Hz, 128kbs.
    Profile should be set to "baseline". A GOP length of 2 seconds is recommended.

    You can look at this chart to see what frame size to use based on fps.


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