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Thread: Advantages/disadvantages of Remote Shared Objects

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    Default Advantages/disadvantages of Remote Shared Objects

    I wonder if there are any advatages or disadvantages of using remote shared objects compaired to calling function directly from server to client?

    Is there really any disadvantage doing..

    List<IClient> myClients = getAppInstance(client).getClients();
    Iterator<IClient> itc = myClients.iterator();
    IClient;"Somefunction", null, someparam);
    ..compaired to listening to updating and listening to shared object changes?

    Are there any security issues with remote shared objects that have to be taken into consideration?

    Thank you for any help.
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    You can use IApplicationInstance.broadcastMsg() to send a call to all RTMP clients, instead iterating through clients.

    SharedObjects are good for some tasks, but you can get more control using and IApplicationInstance.broadcastMsg()on the server-side, and and NetStream.send() on the client-side. The ServerSideModules example that ships with Wowza is a working reference of these methods and the data types that you can pass back and forth.


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