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Thread: Wowza Live Stream (mp3) & Wordpress

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    Default Wowza Live Stream (mp3) & Wordpress


    We are trying to stream a LIVE audio only show using Wowza 3. We can make it work via Adobe Flash Media Encoder with a rtmp: however getting it to work across all platforms is the hard part.

    What we would like, a simple plugin for wordpress that take the live audio stream (mp3) and allows ALL formats to listen in.

    Desktop PC/MAC

    Mobile iphones, ipads & Android phones and tablets.

    Is there anything out there that does this? So far we have tried the lastest versions of JWPlayer and FV Wordpress Flowplayer these both link to the plugin pages. They both tell us that we CAN use this to stream to ALL devices, however something is not correct.

    Do we need to turn on a certain service to make this happen? Is there a link to a tutorial on how to set this up? We have tried to search and have come up short.

    Any help would be great!



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    Please review the live streaming tutorial for RTMP based encoders which shows how to configure a live application in Wowza and packetize for HTTP devices such as cupertino (Apple iOS and Android).
    By default the application will allow streaming to RTMP clients and RTSP clients.

    Streaming MP3 to Android can be a problem, Android devices can't play MP3 streams over RTSP/RTP in any combination (audio/video or audio only).
    I recommend testing this before going into production. Please see the How to troubleshoot RTSP/RTP playback article for details

    JW player can play to both Flash RTMP clients (desktop) and Apple HLS compatible devices (iPhone, iPad and Android).
    Please see our JW player 6 tutorial for more information


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