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Thread: JWPlayer problems with sample ABR files

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    Default JWPlayer problems with sample ABR files

    This page has links to sample mp4 files that have been encoded and segmented for adaptive bit rate streaming:

    I've setup a test with JWPlayer here:

    The top video in my test uses HLS streaming (single file). Notice that in firefox when scenes switch, or sometimes when you seek, the picture gets distorted. I'm working with the JWPlayer Support but they're telling me that before they provide any support I need to verify that the files were encoded properly, which according to them is:
    1) We suggest the Apple standard of 10 second TS segments here. If this is the case, and you are rendering with this, great!
    2) We also suggest to place your keyframes at the beginning of each segment.

    Can you tell me how those mp4 files are encoded?


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    What is the point in creating a HLS stream with only one bitrate? It is probably the reaosn there are issues, there is no adaptive bitrates at all, maybe it is looking for other compatible streams
    #EXT-X-STREAM-INF:PROGRAM-ID=1,BANDWIDTH=1677370,CODECS="avc1.77.31, mp4a.40.2",RESOLUTION=1080x608

    It sounds to me me like you want to cover a base that is not required. Progressive download would be just as good if not better for Apple devices if you only have one bitrate, saves the player from checking for other streams ( maybe, I am just guessing)

    FWIW if you want to really do adaptive bitrate delivery then I can wholeheartedly suggest Sorenson Squeeze 9 Pro for this task, it does it very well.

    Kind regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by shueardm View Post
    What is the point in creating a HLS stream with only one bitrate? It is probably the reaosn there are issues, there is no adaptive bitrates at all, maybe it is looking for other compatible streams
    There are lots of reasons for having an HLS stream with just one bitrate. It is very common and I very much doubt that the player is having issues because there is only one bitrate.

    The primary reason is that it is not easy to seek into the video with progressive download.

    As for the original questions,

    The sample videos are all encoded with Expression Encoder 4 and are key frame aligned.

    I can see from your chunklist url that the chunks are all 12 seconds in duration. When the chunks are created, they will always start with a key frame.

    For me, the playback is fine so it could be something with the player not being able to process teh video quickly enough (assuming that there is not a bandwidth issue).

    I would suggest setting primary: "html5" for your HLS player and testing in safari on a Mac. This will use the native apple player and not flash. If the quality is better then it is an issue with the player.



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    There are a few reasons we prefer HLS over progressive download in addition to what Roger wrote. For one, progressive download eats up more bandwidth. Secondly, we have a custom media control panel app that integrates with wowza and allows us to control wowza, view real time stats for all our wowza servers, and it also collects log data created by wowza and builds a ton of statistical data which we offer to our customers.
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