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Thread: Wowza Streaming Engine and AWS EC2

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    Default Wowza Streaming Engine and AWS EC2


    My name is Martin and I'm working on an module for Wowza.
    The Wowza server will be deployed on AWS. I want to be able to record and play vod from S3.
    I read some guides (using s3fs and ModuleMediaWriterFileMover to record and vods3 with MediaCache AddOn to play), but they all refer to the Wowza Media Server AMIs. I read there's no AMI for Wowza Streaming Engine.

    The question is, is it possible/easy to configure an instance of Streaming Engine on AWS with vods3, s3fs, etc?
    If it's easier to use Wowza Media Server, where can I download a local version to develop on my computer? I can only find the link to download the last version (Streaming Engine).

    Thank you very much

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    You can Install Wowza on your EC2 server, configured MediaCache, and install s3fs yourself.

    Or you can use the current Wowza 3 AMIs for the moment, and/or wait for the Wowza Streaming Engine AMIs, which should be available within a couple of weeks.


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