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Thread: Issue connecting to stream via RTSP

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    Default Issue connecting to stream via RTSP

    I'm having an issue connecting to an axis encoder via RTSP. It's an Axis M7001, with the 5.20.1 firmware.

    I'm using a connection URL of the format:

    The exact same connection string works correctly from VLC media player. When I look at the stream codec information, it would seem there are two strings.
    Stream 0 - which is empty, or otherwise not a proper stream
    Stream 1 - which contains the actual video, and which plays properly with VLC

    Wowza seems only to try and play stream 0, and therefore shows only a blank screen. Is there a parameter I can add to force it to use stream 1?

    I've attached a screenshot showing the stream information from VLC.

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    After much poking and prodding, the problem was actually packet size.

    The M7001 video encoder was is connected to our wowza server via a VPN connection. The VPN overhead results in a reduced MTU, less than 1200 in this particular case. Once I reduced the MTU in the axis encoder, everything behaved properly.

    In this case, VLC's awesomeness, in being able to negotiate an alternative connection when the initial connection failed, made it tricky to see what was actually happening.

    The MTU settings are also not available by the regular web interface, you can get to it via:

    System Options > Advanced > Plain Config

    And then find the MTU setting.

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    Hi, John,

    Thanks very much for the follow-up and useful information


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