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Thread: How to accurately measure latency or delay from transcoder input to output

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    Default How to accurately measure latency or delay from transcoder input to output

    Hi Guys,

    Is there a procedure on how to accurately test latency/delay on wowza transcoder addon? Maybe something that I can enable in the logs or API to make wowza log the time from the frame being decoded to the final transcoded output?



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    I am not aware of a technial tool that will fulfill your request. That is not to say one does not exist.

    For a live workflow, with access to the broadcast venue, I would use a visual and an audio cue and a stopwatch to make rough measurements. Understandably, when dealing with remote clients, this is not practical, however, a simple approach like this should do the trick.

    I am very interested if anyone else has more information on this.


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    Hi Tim,

    I was looking at the API documentation and I have found 2 API that might do the trick (ITranscoderVideoEncoderNotify and ITranscoderVideoDecoderNotify). But I'm still looking at how can I use this listener or to what should I attach it to. Would you happen to have any info on this 2 Notifiers? or an example on how to use it perhaps?



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    You might use the log files to compare with and without Transcoding. That would be the easiest.


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