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Thread: MP3 Streaming for S3 files: Not Working on Android Device

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    Default MP3 Streaming for S3 files: Not Working on Android Device

    Hi ,

    I got a couple of articles, which says that we cannot play MP3 on Android devices over RTSP.

    Please let me know, how to stream MP3 files uploaded on S3 server via Wowza over Android device.
    Is there any way,we can stream MP3 files via Android's default player.

    It would be great, if you can give some sample URL's which can be played on Android devices,

    Please help me

    Thanks in Advance

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    As you've read, mp3 streaming does not work in many Android devices. Only AAC encoded audio streams work in those devices. There are new devices and OS versions all the time of course with changing specs, but many Android devices currently in use do not support streaming mp3. There is not a work-around in Wowza.


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    Android devices cannot play MP3 streams over RTSP/RTP in any combination (audio/video or audio only). Android devices that support Flash player 10.1 can play MP3 using RTMP or Flash HTTP. When streaming to an Android device using RTSP/RTP, the RTP portion must flow over UDP. Android does not support RTSP/RTP interleaved (RTP over TCP). This means if UDP is unavailable for RTP playback, RTP over TCP will not work as a failover and your stream will not play.


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