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    Default playlist livestream record

    We have a playlist list with vod - live - vod. How would we go about recording only the live stream in this scenario.
    Since this is a stream class stream, how would we tie into the onpublish event of just the livestream? here do we tie in the ServerListernerStreamPublisher for this?

    Thank you

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    You can use the IMediaActionNotify3 interface in conjunction with the Live Stream Record API:
    How to start and stop live stream recordings programmatically (IMediaStreamActionNotify3)
    How to record live streams (HTTPLiveStreamRecord)


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    But in a stream class stream, isnt the entire playlist 1 livestream? Putting an IMediaActionNotify3 on that would encompass the whole stream which we dont want. we only want the livestream portion of it, how would we determine in a stream class stream which one is an actual livestream and which is a vod when both are within the same playlist?

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    You will have to modify the example. In the onPublish method you would write the code to record the streams you want to record.
    You may wish to use a naming convention to easily distinguish between streams to record, and streams to ignore.

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    ill try it out, thank you

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