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Thread: the number of memories (RAM) that wowza 4.0 are required.

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    Post the number of memories (RAM) that wowza 4.0 are required.


    I would like to know the number of memories (RAM) that wowza media server version 4.0 are required.

    Input stream : 20 channel RTMP stream of 2.5Mbps
    deliver : 20 channel HLS of 2.5Mbps

    Masataka Sumikura

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    Please see the page below which states the "System Requirements" for running Wowza Streaming Engine 4.
    Wowza Streaming Engine specifications

    Please see the following tutorials which show how to change the chunk duration and maximum chunk count for an given application.
    by reducing the duration of the chunks and the maximum amount of chunks held in memory you will be able to reduce the memory consumption.


    This can be done using Wowza Streaming Engine Manager by adding the correct permissions for the user.
    Please see the guide for this below.
    Manager Sign-in

    When the permissions are set, select the live streaming application, and click Properties, in the Quick Links choose either Cupertino, San Jose or Smooth (Streaming Packetizer) and then Edit.
    You can then enable the Properties for that application and adjust the settings as required for your deployment.


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