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Thread: Cant access D: - Wowza Streaming Enginer

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    Default Cant access D: - Wowza Streaming Enginer

    Hello guys,
    I'm trying to use the Wowza to use ShoutCAST, because centovacast dont have support for mobile (Android/iOS etc).
    But no sucess at now...

    I'm on Amazon C2, trying install Wowza.
    I have installed the sucessfull Streaming Engine but when i try access http://[my_ip]:8808/ dont work. Dont open nothing.

    Any idea?

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    This is a common issue with users who are connecting from a remotely. Please find the Quick Start Guide below which outlines how to access Wowza Streaming Engine Manager from a remote PC:

    Quick Start Guide/Whitelist Configuration

    After editing the Server.xml, ensure that you save the file and restart Wowza for the changes to take effect.


    (I offered this answer in support ticket #81583)

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