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Thread: Publish a multicast live streaming

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    Unhappy Publish a multicast live streaming


    With the v3 Wowza version i haven't any problem to publish a multicast mpeg-ts udp streaming with the "Multicast Push Publish" plugin Add On.
    But in the new v4 versión, i can't publish a multicast live streaming. I can't find the option or the procedure.

    I'm using a Wirecast RTSP publish to my wowza instance. Wowza publish well the http streaming, but i only need publish MULTICAST live stream!

    Can you helpme please? I really need help!


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    You need to add the push publish AddOn into version 4.0 as detailed at the beginning of this document.

    Under the 'Configuration' section there you'll see the steps needed to add the Module and it's configuration.

    Once you've added the module, you can include the same PushPublishMap.txt file in the conf folder as you did with version 3.0.
    (they are compatible). See if this works for you.
    If not we'll need you to email Zipped [install-dir]/conf and [install-dir]/logs folders to: with a URL reference to this Forum thread.


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