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Thread: Is it possible, RTSP custom response message?

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    Question Is it possible, RTSP custom response message?


    I'm newbie Wowza module developer.
    I face on problem in my project.

    I want to return some custom response message. when rtpSession rejected. (like http response body)
    But i can't find method or can control handle in RTPSession object.

    in describe this project
    Client have to connect Wowza server like this : rtsp://[Wowza-IP]:1935/live/?ID=12345&PubPoint=mystream

    but, if client use connect URL like this : rtsp://[Wowza-IP]:1935/live/?PubPoint=mystream

    I want to control return custom response message like this.(if i can control more lower level)

    RTSPBufferedWriter.write("RTSP/1.0 400 OK" + CRLF);
    RTSPBufferedWriter.write("Public: DESCRIBE, SETUP, PLAY, PTIONS" + CRLF);
    RTSPBufferedWriter.write("CSeq: " + RTSPSeqNb + CRLF+ CRLF);
    RTSPBufferedWriter.write("Parameter ID - required"+ CRLF);
    The red font is custom return Code & message.

    Is there are something way to resolve this issue?

    This project have to use RTSP protocol(we can't change other protocol http, rtmp).
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    You might try redirecting the session:


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    Thank you matt_y.
    But, you miss my point in my post.

    I want to know how can i retrun custom response message. when rtspsession reject. not a redirection.
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    There is not a way to do this in Wowza with RTSP clients, like there is with RTMP clients.


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