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Thread: Unable to access engine site

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    Question Unable to access engine site

    I am having difficulty setting up the trial version of the streaming engine. The install is fine. I can not access port 1935 or 8088. I have modified the server.xml file
    to <IPWhitelist>*<d/IPWhitelist>, but with no resolution. I am running Redhat. When I check what ports the engine is listening for it is:

    java 698 root 10u IPv4 513685 0t0 TCP *:41355 (LISTEN)
    java 698 root 71u IPv4 513701 0t0 TCP *:8087 (LISTEN)
    java 698 root 78u IPv4 513713 0t0 TCP *:8083 (LISTEN)

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    When you start Wowza Streaming Engine in standalone mode to you see anything in the console window that indicates what the issue may be?
    Also does Wowza show anything in the logs which could describe what the issue is, assuming you have logs that is.

    If you could post them here that would be great.
    Posting the logs into a code block will make them easier to read, to do this add "[code]" before and "[/code" after with a "]" after the "e" to close.


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