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Thread: Recording time of the file does not come to 3 minutes

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    Default Recording time of the file does not come to 3 minutes


    I'm trying to record a one-hour file
    In all cases, the file breaks after 2.5 minutes
    There is a solution to this?
    I missed something?


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    Can you explain your application configuration in a little more detail?

    What method are you using to record the stream? What is the source of the stream?


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    Hi Salvador

    My source is Rtmp live stream
    I start recording directly from server GUI
    Most basic specification can think of

    The server is trial server



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    Tomer, check your Segmentation Options, it may be that you are segmenting the file by size or duration.

    You can view these options by navigating to the appropriate Application in the UI, and choosing "Properties" down the list a bit to "StreamRecoder Defaults" "streamRecorderSegmentSize" or "streamRecorderSegmentDuration"
    Or you can view the Segmentation Option for the particular stream with the application selected, choose "Incoming Streams" (left side of the UI) click on the "Record" button for the stream you want to record and choose the "Segmentation" tab.


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