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Thread: The DVR internal data remains after deleted

  1. Default The DVR internal data remains after deleted

    Hi, I wanted to implement a START, STOP, DELETE DVR control using API. To that that I configured the DVR/ArchiveStrategy to "append" (in application.xml), and I have used the code of nDVR-AddOn-recording-API, and I have added the delete function:

        public boolean stopAndDeleteRecording(String streamName) 
            boolean bRc = false;
            ILiveStreamDvrRecorder dvrRecorder = null;
            synchronized (dvrRecorders) 
                dvrRecorder = dvrRecorders.remove(streamName);
            if (dvrRecorder != null) 
                // stop recording
                catch (InterruptedException e) 
                IDvrStreamManager dvrManager = dvrRecorder.getDvrManager();
                if (dvrManager != null) 
                     IDvrStreamStore store = dvrManager.getRecordingStreamStore();
                     IDvrFileSystem fs = store.getFileSystem();
                     bRc = true;
            return bRc;
    The start & stop functions works well, but the delete function deletes the DVR stream data in the disc as expected, but the internal DVR stream data remains in wowza server, for example:

    - If I query the deleted stream using Wowza-nDVR-Duration-Query-API it gives me same data as the stopped stream
    - If I re-start the DVR, the times that the system gives me (using Wowza-nDVR-Duration-Query-API) are incorrect, It seems that the stream is append but is not real because all previous contents in the disc have been deleted.

    If I restart the server after the delete function all works good.

    Anyone could tell me how delete the internal DVR stream data using the API please.


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    I think the best way to do this is by setting a WindowDuration in your DVR configuration and letting Wowza handle managing these files. Deleting them yourself or programatically will have unexpected results


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