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Thread: Cant connect with media server

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    Default Cant connect with media server


    I have installed wowza and it was working fine for the past few months.
    Today when i tried to stream a video, I got the following error message:

    Connection Rejected: This is not a domain licensed though the active license key.

    Any idea about this?

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    Hi there, a few questions:
    What version of Wowza are you running?
    What type of license do you have? i.e. Trial, developer, Monthly, Perpetual?
    Are you trying to connect to Wowza, or through some other service? i.e WMSPanel for example.
    Can you post the rest of the log messages so we can better troubleshoot the issue?


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    WMSPanel never block viewers from view and don't have licenses. We're tring to be useful for our clients and never stop server from working for any reason. We cannot do such things being Wowza product parthers.

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    The error message is not one that is normally generated from a default Wowza installation. Salvadore is just trying to gather more info so he can diagnose the problem.

    This forum post on the AVChat forum, has very similar wording in the messages.


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    sure I understand this. I just wanted to confirm publically that such cases are impossible because of us

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