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Thread: Did anyone get their Wowza Server key?

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    Default Did anyone get their Wowza Server key?

    I received the announcement about the release (I have a monthly subscription), but I never received the email with my key. I have had a ticket in for 2 days now and no reply.

    Has any gotten one?
    Does it work/stable?


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    Hi Brian,

    Thank you for your time and effort in reaching our Billing team. We value you as a customer and are committed to seeing this issue resolved as soon as possible.

    I do see that you sent a support request to over 24 hours ago. Please allow me to immediately investigate this issue and determine what steps might be taken to get you taken care of as soon as possible.

    You patience is greatly appreciated.

    We will be responding in support ticket #82383.


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    Thank you, key received!

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