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Thread: webcam video recording and playback issue

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    Default webcam video recording and playback issue

    I am working with a video recorder on wowza media server 3.5. I use flash based encoder for recording. The encoder is set to use h264 & speex/nellymoser. The recorder logic is basic with a buffer for safety. It uses h264 baseline @ 25 fps and nellymoser along with it.

    The issue that occurs is when I record and attempt to playback in jwplayer or flowplayer, the playback is not normal. It stops somewhere in between. Then if I refresh and play it plays OK. If I download the file and play in vlc or any other player it plays OK. Ffmpeg shows video info correctly. I didn't have any issues with adobe strobe player. Note that I have tried both http and rtmp playbacks with wowza + recorded file + jwplayer/flowplayer without luck.

    Can someone please point out any thing in this ?

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    are you saving the file as FLV or MP4 ? MP4 wont work with flash based encoder i guess.

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