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Thread: CENTOS version + upgrade fears...

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    Question CENTOS version + upgrade fears...

    Wich is the Centos version for the new Wowza Streaming Engine..

    I have a custom module that records the live streams in VOD's and creates a xml file to create playlists out of the recorded clips.

    I did not wrote this, how can I be sure this will work on the new Wowza.

    I would love to move to the new technology, but not being able to just import the configuration makes me wonder if the update would be a nightmare...

    My site is on production and we can not take a server down, due to upgrade....

    How can I pre test my upgrade? make sure this will work? I have no clue on how to reproduce the configuration just using the current files to recreate...

    Is there a safe way to install the new Wowza, configure, test and then change?


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    Your best option is to create a development/test environment and use a trail license to test with initially.
    Download a FREE Trial license here.

    You will need to do a full install of Wowza Streaming Engine 4.0. The full installer is available for download here.

    For step-by-step instructions for the upgrade process, including files to save/copy from your previous server and configurations to make, look at the Upgrade Guide,
    If the module is from a 3rd party, check with them to see if there's a specific 4.0 version available or in the works.


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    Would it work the same if I test on locally on Mac, and then do the same on Linux Centos?

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    Quote Originally Posted by misrajitas View Post
    Would it work the same if I test on locally on Mac, and then do the same on Linux Centos?
    I would install Virtualbox on the Mac and run CentOS in a VM, that will get you as close to real world as possible.

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