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Thread: Private videos tied to user accounts

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    Default Private videos tied to user accounts

    I'm thinking of a solution where multiple users can stream rtsp/rtmp video (using webcams or ip-cameras) to Wowza, and are able to view the streams on a browser. I am currently doing this by having the users publish their streams on the server. I am wondering what the best way would be to support multiple users with the use-case that each user can view only their video feeds. Is there some way I could create user accounts for each user programmatically, and have each user access only their video streams? I'm thinking there is some Wowza API that enables this, but could someone give me some details on this? I apologize if this question is a re-post, or has a terribly obvious solution to it.

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    There are a few ways to do this.

    Option 1: You can create a separate application for each user and have a unique publish.password file for each application. This article explains this setup:
    How to enable username/password authentication for RTMP and RTSP publishing (ModuleRTMPAuthenticate)

    Then you can override the play command to control access to the content:
    How to override play to control access

    Option 2: How to do file-based authentication with RTMP client and credentials in querystring of the RTMP URL (ModuleOnConnectAuthenticate2)

    Option 3: How to do user authentication for Flash RTMP client using JDBC connection to MySQL database


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