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Thread: EC2 WOWZA - user public or private IPs?

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    Default EC2 WOWZA - user public or private IPs?

    I have a running instance with Wowza and Lamp installed. I have a public Elastic IP assigned to my instance (say and I have an AWS internal IP of

    A previous post told me I need to have an IP for Wowza listening to port 80, and a different IP for LAMP(web) listening to port 80. Then in the Wowza VHost.xml file I set the IP that I want to use for Wowza, and in httpd.conf I set which IP to listen to port 80.

    Do I need to public IPs, or to private IPs?

    Also, if my wowza has a different IP then the site, I wont be able to use my domain name in the url to play the video?? Any way around that?

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    If you want public access to both Wowza and a web server on the same machine, you would need two IP addresses, I don't think you can assign two ElasticIP addresses (I see support for VPC but not applicable). It is best to start another server for web and database.

    If you only needed to access the web server locally or from other EC2 servers directly (eg JDBC) you can use the internal or private DNS. In that case you change the VHost.xml /HostPort /IpAddress from "*" to the instance public DNS, and use the private DNS in your web server configuration.


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