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    Default PushPublishMap.txt File

    Hi Everyone,

    I am using the PushPublishMap.txt file to stream live channels to all my Wowza servers. I have my "own" CDN network.
    my question is related to adding the file list.
    I have for example 100 life channels to my file looks like the following:{profile:"rtmp", host:"my.destination.wowza", application:"live"}{profile:"rtmp", host:"my.destination.wowza", application:"live"}{profile:"rtmp", host:"my.destination.wowza", application:"live"}
    .{profile:"rtmp", host:"my.destination.wowza", application:"live"}{profile:"rtmp", host:"my.destination.wowza", application:"live"}
    I would to be able to stream all of my channels to all my Wowza without the need to edit PushPublishMap.txt on each Wowza server.
    I have notices in some form that using "*" should do the Job, i.e.
    *={profile:"rtmp", host:"my.destination.wowza", application:"live"}
    Neverthelss that solution doesn't work at all. nothing is streamed out. the asterisk sign doesn't include my "incoming" mpeg-ts(udp) channles.
    please advice if that can be done.
    I will help me a lot not having to edit each time the file for each wowza server.


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    What version of Wowza are you using? I think this works in Wowza 4, but not Wowza 3.


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