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Thread: Possible or not? Dynamic Overlays

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    Default Possible or not? Dynamic Overlays


    This addon advertised as: dynamic advertising, sport tickers, stock tickers etc. but I can't find any single source or tutorial about dynamic overlays.

    So I want to learn if such features are not available and this addon fit only for static overlays?

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    The dynamic transcode overlay feature supports manipulation of images and text to generate animation sequences. It does not support stream manipulation such as Picture-in-picture (PiP) or multi-stream compositing.

    Starting with a static image, you can add text and configure animation sequences to achieve effects such as dynamic insertion of advertising, titling, sports scores, etc. More elaborate overlays are possible through custom development by expanding the examples or by creating custom classes.

    This article provides a starting place:
    How to add graphic overlays to live streams with Wowza Transcoder AddOn


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