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    Default SMIL Generation

    Hi All,

    I have a fairly simple setup:

    live -> transcoder on for multiple bitrates, records all streams
    vod -> playback recorded streams

    While I am streaming live, I can access a generated SMIL file like this: live/ngrp:[stream]/playlist.m3u8. Is there anyway to do the same with VOD without having to manually create one for each video?

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    Hi there, have a look at this guide:
    How to use Java API calls to resolve SMIL file requests (AMLST)


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    I saw that and will probably end up doing that, but I'd love to not have to do anything. Unfortunately with that method, I still have to manually put in video details, not per video, but details are still hardcoded. SMILs should also be static, as they may be different for each video. The SMIL was already created for streaming, why can't Wowza just save it for VOD?

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