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Thread: Get Least Loaded Server

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    Default Get Least Loaded Server

    Does the Load Balancer automatically send a VOD via rtmp to the least loaded edge server or is the "get least loaded server" call required for balancing load between two edge servers.

    Also, is there any updated configuration documentation on the Wowza Load Balancer. It appears to have been drafted in 2010. Thanks in advance.

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    The Load Balancer will look at the pool of servers that are part of the loadbalancing setup and return the server with the least number of client connections.
    The configuration documentation that is delivered with the LoadBalancer package is still accurate. There isn't a newer version available.


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    Thank you for the reply. If I understand your response correctly, the load balancer will return the address of the least loaded server and my application will have to act on the information presented by the load balancer. Thus take the least loaded server information and redirect to that least loaded server ip/url.

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