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Thread: Questions regarding license verification process on server start up

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    Question Questions regarding license verification process on server start up

    We had to restart our media server and there was an internet filtering program that was blocking the media server from sending the license for verification so the service couldn't restart. What is that URL so that we can unblock it, and also we have a developer license as well in our non-production environment but it didn't have a problem apparently sending the license information. Is there a difference between the developer version and the regular production use version in how they verify the license?

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    Hi there, take a look at this article to help troubleshoot Wowza Streaming Engine startup
    It has the licensing server URLs and other helpful tips to troubleshoot.


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    Thanks for the reply. Is there no difference in how the app will attempt to verify the developer license version vs the live license then?

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    I do not know of any difference, they should be the same.


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