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Thread: Smoothstreaming packetizer property - why have to add

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    Default Smoothstreaming packetizer property - why have to add

    I read that for Live Streaming Smoothstreaming content we have to add this


    Indeed this solved issues I was having. I just don't understand why it is not included by default. Why must I add it to the xml every time I create a new live application based on Smooth?

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    These properties are intended to help remedy source stream quality issues and inconsistencies, and when enabled add a latency increase (500 = 1/2 second increase). Most of the time they are not needed.


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    Thank you for your reply but I don't understand it.
    Why does the page suggest it is very important but you say it is not?

    As mentioned, it made a big difference to me and now I have to add each time I create new live Smooth application

    What kind of poor quality source streams do you mean, do you mean latency or quality of audio or what exactly? If I am not doing source encode right I would like to know.

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    Maybe this guidance should be better explained and positioned. I will open a discussion internally.


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