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Thread: How to embed a stream on a webpage with Android compatibility

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    Default How to embed a stream on a webpage with Android compatibility


    Im new to Wowza.
    Im developing a web page to let our users watch a streaming video on any device (IOs, Android or desktop). But i cant figure out how to embed the streaming for an Android device.
    Could anyone guide me on how can an Android device browser watch a video streamed by Wowza? The .m3u8 files seems to just be playable by an iOS system, i think that it is not possible to embed a RTSP stream in HTML5 (maybe with jQuery? Do you know a way to do so?), and Flash is no longer supported by Android.... So, what is left?

    Probably im wrong in my statements, so please clarify me and let me know the best way to make a Wowza streaming visible on Android.

    Thanks for your help!!

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    you could embed this link rtsp://yourserverip/yourapp/yourstream
    it should open when browse the web from android device

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