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Thread: Reset a Wowza stream form a system outside Wowza

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    Default Reset a Wowza stream form a system outside Wowza

    Sorry for posting again so fast, but i need help with a different question:

    We are feeding Wowza with a live stream through TS over UDP. The problem is that the encoder could change the sending resolution from time to time (the user can chage the encoding parameters), and when this happens, the stream given by Wowza turns unstable (tested with HLS), until the we reset the stream through the "Wowza Streaming Engine".
    So, the question is if is there a way (through a command, API, watchdog or something) to tell Wowza from a remote system to reset a stream.

    Thanks to all!

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    You could utilize the MediaCaster API within an HTTP Provider and query the provider as-needed.

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