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    hello i just install the software i make a test stream work well , the software give me this 2 adresse to play on IOS and on android

    wich software must install on iphone and android devices to play them , the sample test is a mp4 file it can be FLV ? or other file ? thx




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    Both devices can use their native players to stream using their respective URLs.

    The following HLS link can be simply typed into the address bar of the Safari
    browser on any iOS device, or it can be embedded into a HTML5 page using the
    video tag. Either will launch the build -in player.
    You need to embed the following rtsp URL into a web page, then click on the link
    to launch the Androids built-in player.
    You can also use the HLS URL (same as iOS) to playback on modern
    Android devices.


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