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Thread: Ingesting live stream from cdn

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    Default Ingesting live stream from cdn

    Sorry if this has been answered before...

    Is it possible to publish a live stream to a cdn (CDN77) and use a Wowza server to ingest that live stream from the nearest edge server in the CDN. The Wowza server would handle all of the recording and archiving for VOD. Then when a VOD file is requested Wowza would publish it back into the CDN.

    Is this possible, if so how would I set this up.



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    You can re-stream from a CDN.

    Use the PushPublish API to push the stream to the CDN:
    How to push streams to CDNs and other services

    Then configure Wowza as an HTTP origin for serving the VoD content:
    How to configure a Wowza server as an HTTP caching origin


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