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    Default Windows 2012 AMI

    I prefer the UI of Windows and I have not liked using Wowza from Linux much ( just coz I am new to it)
    So I created a Windows 2012 Server EC2 an setup Wowza on it, then created an AMI from that for future use. I have not put it in production yet.
    I was just wondering why there are no Wowza Windows EC2 images available by default.. is it just because most people prefer to save a few bucks?
    If there are any drawbacks to using a Server 2012 EC2 , please do tell, I am interested to find out if I am not doing the right thing.

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    This is mostly to do with cost of the AMI, Linux AMIs are a little less expensive, so more attractive.
    Also managing multiple OS devpay AMIs is another reason.

    What you are doing is fine though, no drawbacks as such.


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    Iíve used Wowza on EC2 Windows instances quite a lot. Though there isnít a Windows AMI, Itís very easy to use a Windows instance over Remote Desktop. Launch a Windows instance. Then upload the installer bits over Remote Desktop. Run the installer. Then start Wowza, and everything works. File uploads for content and xml modifications are easier than using SSH on Linux for Windows users.

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