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Thread: Streaming from multible webcams

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    Default Streaming from multible webcams

    New to Wowza, so it is possible that this question is asked before...

    I have multible webcams in my local network. I want to have the Wowza mediaserver publish online streams to a website.
    Is there a tutorial on how to do this? I have only installed and the server (4.0.1) is running, but no streams yet.

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    Hi there, if this is your own the website, you will need to host a player on the website to publish to. A few player options are:
    JW Player

    How to use LongTail JW Player 6 with Wowza Media Server
    How to use Flowplayer with Wowza Media Server

    If you want to publish to a CDN or Streaming service like UStream or YouTube you can use Wowza's Push Publishing technology:
    How to push streams to CDNs and other services


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