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Thread: Audio (AC3) from hw transcoder not recognized (worked in 3.6)

  1. Default Audio (AC3) from hw transcoder not recognized (worked in 3.6)

    We have a satellite receiver with integrated transcoder. The signal from satellite is h.264 1080i w/AC3 audio, this is transcoded to h.264 720 while the audio is left unchanged. This used to work fine in 3.6, but since the upgrade to 4.01, the audio is no longer recognized by Wowza. As you can see in the log below, the audio PID is sent in the PMT, but it's simply not recognized as audio.

    [test/_definst_/]: Received PAT
    [test/_definst_/]: PAT Version 1 
    [test/_definst_/]: 	Program: 2 PMT PID: 0x7e4
    [test/_definst_/]: MPEG2PMTAssembler:MonitorStart: PID: 2020 Program Number: 2	
    [test/_definst_/]: MPEG2MPTS:StartStream: PID: 0x7e4	
    [test/_definst_/]: Received new PMT
    [test/_definst_/]: PMT: Version 1 PCR pid: 0x7e6
    [test/_definst_/]: 	Stream: Type: 0x1B PID: 0x7e6 Video
    [test/_definst_/]: 	Stream: Type: 0x06 PID: 0xca
    [test/_definst_/]: 	Stream: Type: 0x05 PID: 0xcb
    [test/_definst_/]: 	Stream: Type: 0x00 PID: 0x0
    [test/_definst_/]: RTPDePacketizerMPEGTS.pmtAvailable: IMPORT: videoPID[prg:0xffffffff,pid:0x7e6,filter:none]: streamType:H264:27
    [test/_definst_/]: MPEG2MPTS:StartStream: PID: 0x7e6
    When we connect VLC directly to the UDP output of the transcoder, the audio codec is recognized just fine. Any idea what has been changed from 3.6 to 4.01 so that this no longer works?

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    Can you please open a support ticket by sending a ZIP archive containing the Wowza configuration and log files to
    We would like to take a closer look and try to spot if there is something wrong in the configuration files.
    Please make sure to reference this forum post in your message sent to Support.


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