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Thread: Determine is stream already exists

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    Default Determine is stream already exists

    I am creating a new Stream instance server-side using the following:

    Stream stream = Stream.createInstance(client.getAppInstance(), streamName);

    How do I determine if a stream exists in the first place so that I do not have to create a new instance of the Stream has already been created? I looked through the API docs and couldn't find a method for streamExists or something to that degree.


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    client.getAppInstance().getStreams().getPublishStreamNames() can be used to determine the existence of live-streams. client.getAppInstance().getPlayStreamCountsByName() can be used to know about vod streams that are played by clients.

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    Thanks! For additional reference to other thread viewers:

    Make sure you import the List class

    import java.util.List;

    Then I did this in one of my functions:

    List<String> list = client.getAppInstance().getStreams().getPublishStreamNames();

    WMSLoggerFactory.getLogger(null).info("Stream already exists!!");

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