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    Default DVR repeater

    Hi there ... I've following issue. When I stream from the server where I'm recording, playing back live content with 2 hours of DVR for user to rewind if needed, I've no problem.
    When I do same from repeater (which is closer to where I am and I've better connectivity), it keeps buffering all the time. As per tests, when DVR recording is empty, it works fine, but as soon as recording increases (so does the manifest of the dvr) is when the repeater starts buffering

    Any way to tune this up for this not to happen? Any available tweak, like compressing the manifest, or getting the repeater not to download the whole manifest for every request?

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    Hi, make sure you have your set up configured properly as per this guide:
    How to set up live stream repeater for use with Wowza nDVR AddOn (origin/edge)

    You will also find a tuning and troubleshooting section in the above article.


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    of course is set up like that, otherwise, it wouldn't work.

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    There is not a way to compress the manifest. We recommend either a 2 hour WindowDuration setting, or using the Playlist Request API to limit the playlist to 2 hours or less.


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