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Thread: Improving EC2 Wowza Streaming Performance

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    Default Improving EC2 Wowza Streaming Performance


    I have planned to use Wowza for On-line Music Streaming App. I already have m2.small instance running from more than a month. However, the streaming performance is extremely poor.

    Account Name : Daniel Fein
    Account Email ID:

    Also, I tried deploying one of the "Memory optimized" instance i.e.m2.4xlarge for few hours to check, whether it improves performance.However, even for audios and videos with bit rate of around 200kbps (which is small) stored on S3 bucket, I am seeing lower streaming performance. Using the Test Players provided by Wowza, it is taking around 5-6 seconds on an average for streaming audio/video for the first time. However, once its available in media cache, it is taking around 3-4 seconds on an average.


    1. Need to improve the streaming performance and bring it to under 1 second. Are there any parameters I can tweak around, which would increase the performance?

    2. For next few months, EC2 instance would be having around 100-200 requests which it needs to handle simultaneously. After that, there can be at-least thousands of users using this app and EC2 instance should cater to their streaming requests simultaneously taking into account the performance and user experience is not suffered. This also includes that once streaming starts, it should not stop in between.

    3. Mostly Streaming MP3 and MP4 on iOS and Android devices.


    1. What is the difference between compute optimized, memory optimized and storage optimized current generation instances? Which should best suite our requirement, I mentioned above? Should we go with the own license option of Wowza? Would that get us the performance, what we are expecting?

    2. For videos of higher bit rate around 3000kbps, I see performance getting suffered a lot even with the large instance I deployed. How can we improve on this?

    Just providing you the EC2 small instance URL (for iOS devices) for MP3 as well as MP4 for your reference



    Will appreciate your quick and detailed response.

    Attaching log files.

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    This issue is currently being resolved through our ticket system (84406).

    For performance benchmarks on the m1 range please see page 23 in the EC2 UsersGuide.pdf
    Servers which are serving video on demand content should have multiple fast disks in a RAID array or SSD's and use Media Cache to cache the files on Wowza from the S3 bucket which is extremely slow.

    Please see the Media Cache article for configuration and adjustment.


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