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Thread: Stream Name Alias with Wowza 4

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    Post Stream Name Alias with Wowza 4

    Hello Forum,

    I got a problem on Wowza 4.

    Currently, I want to use Stream Name Alias with Wowza 4. I like this AddOn since using on Wowza 2.
    I tried to install it on Wowza 4, and I got the incoming stream. But got no sound.

    I would like to ask if this addon support Wowza 4? Then is there any other configure similar to this method?

    Thanks and Best Regards,


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    If you have video but not audio, there is probably an encoding problem; the aliasing feature is working, or there would be neither. What are the encoding details of the source? Is it a live stream?


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    Thanks for reply, Richard.

    The source is SHOUTcast radio streaming. I use Stream name alias with audio only. On Wowza 2, it works well. But on Wowza 4, not seem to be work...
    I can see the Incoming stream in Wowza Stream Engine Manager is active, but not sure why it not working (not hearing).

    Hope you have any idea please...

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    Have you configured StreamNameAlias properly on the new Wowza 4 install? It is not pre-installed. You would also have to add the alias to the StartUpStreams.

    What do you see in the access log when you start the stream?

    You can also use .stream files instead of StreamNameAlias. You cannot mix these techniques however. If you use .stream files do not have the StreamNameAlias addon configured in the same application.

    If still a problem, can you show the shoutcast url you are using here? If not, open a ticket by writing to Zip up /conf and /logs folders and include those, and include a link to this thread for reference


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    Thanks Richard,

    I have solved this problem. After delete the .stream file in my radio VHost, and start up the stream from Stream Manager, I got this working fine.
    My bad, I should testing more about this. Anyway thanks for your kind reply.

    Best Regards,


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