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Thread: HDS smil stats by qualities

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    Default HDS smil stats by qualities


    I am running Wowza4 and have 3 streams published via FMLE.
    I set smil for for these 3 qualities and have HDS with flowplayer connecting it.
    All is working, but I need not know how many clients watch each quality.
    I can see in connectioncounts original stream qualities and clients connected to each(using it with rtmp), but for smil I see only one node and no info about clients currently connected to each stream there.
    I see there clients are directly connecting to HDS cache abst.

    Is there a way to gather statistics I need.


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    When using a .stream file this becomes the name of the ABR stream. Wowza only logs the stream name which is being played and doesn't provide information on which rendition is being played within the stream.
    I will add this to our potential feature request list which means that it will be looked at and considered for future versions of Wowza Streaming Engine.

    Thanks for the feedback.


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