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Thread: Question(s) about timestamps and webcam recording

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    Default Question(s) about timestamps and webcam recording

    Hello - our company is considering using Wowza for the serverside
    capture of webcam video - currently generated by a Flash client, very
    much like the "webcamrecording" demo included with the download. We're
    pretty happy with what we're seeing so far, but have a question about
    the output video data that is critical to our use case. Any
    documentation or postings relating to it would really help us make our

    Specifically - we need to be able to match up timepoints in the video
    to various events we're generating on the client side. We will have
    timestamps for when these events occur, and in an ideal world, we'd be
    able to just match them up to internal timestamps in the output video
    file. So, we have some hopefully simple questions - when we output a
    video file on the Wowza server, generated from a Flash client stream,
    are there timestamps already available or easily recovered? Will the
    framerate vary with bandwidth or server/client performance? Are there
    any easy solutions or difficult problems with this we should be aware
    of? Is there a difference (regarding timestamps in particular) between
    output formats (FLV vs. MP4, etc)?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Ticket reference: #84669

    A good starting place, as mentioned in ticket, is the method of injecting cuepoints

    You might insert timestamp cuepoints in each live stream periodically using a server-side timer as a way to sync them later, or you might have a Flash controller and an operator involved, watching the live stream and adding cuepoints to each stream on command.


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