I am having problem creating correct smil file containing several video streams each having several bitrate values.
By the moment sample smil it looks like this:

<video src=xx bitrate=xxx></video>
<video src=yy bitrate=yyy></video>
<video src=xy bitrate=xyz></video>
<video src=yx bitrate=yxy></video>

the resulting rss for jwplayer always contains only link to the first 'switch' block

please help me to clarify whatever:
1) I am using correct syntax for playlist building or not
2) how do I use parseMediaList with this type of smil file? by the moment the code from jwplayer rss generation modules is rather straightforward:
MediaList mediaList = MediaListUtils.parseMediaList(appInstance....
List<MediaListSegment> segments = mediaList.getSegment();
for (MediaListSegment segment : segments) {
however I can't find correct functions to work with playlists. is there anythin?